All updates written by Jilly, designer & seamstress of Cottonarts. The location is at her shop, Junctionn 36 Boutique situated in Barnsley - no:1, Hoyland Rd, Hoyland Common, Barnsley. S74 0LX opening hours are Tuesday - Saturday 9-6

17.03.2017 Cottonarts entry No: 44

It’s that time of week again where I post an update to showcase what I have been creating.

So far, many of the colour combinations for the Frill clutch bag have been rather complementary…I fancied pairing some clashing colours to show you the end results (see left) what do you think? I have also handmade a selection to match the gorgeous new handmade Drape Dresses that have just landed over at Junction 36 Boutique, all available now! No:1 Hoyland Rd, 

Hoyland Common S74 0LX

09.03.2017 Cottonarts entry no:43

Suns out Bags out!!! It’s Thursday Afternoon as I type this update, the sun is beaming though the windows, the sky looks lovely & the birds sounds delightful - all very inspiring!

This gorgeous weather has me thinking about colours & the ideal type of bag for this weather. For me it’s a Rucksack, they are great on the go & you can fit all the essentials in - even my mummy friends say they can be practical. Then there’s the Bumbag with it’s nifty size, practicality and feel safe vibes. The bumbag is often the choice for festivals, holidays & gigs. 

If you’re needing a statement clutch bag, the Bowlicious is a strong favourite. The large bow detail makes it effortless in any colour!

23.02.1017 Cottonarts entry no:42

BOLD STRIPES are rather trendy…. don’t you think?

Each week I am trying to showcase something different, a flash of everything & all that is possible in hope to give you an idea of what’s available. There’s a huge selection of styles and designs that can be tailored & also adapted just for you! 

Today I am sharing the very first look at my fresh, sleek Spring Summer 2017 Collection - The Frill!

1 colour

Colour block, available in any colour.

2 colours

This works great for 

contrasting colours. Pick & mix

from any colour leathers.

3 colours

A trio of complementing colours. Available in all colour ways.

16.02.2017 Cottonarts entry no: 41

In honour of Valentines I thought this week I would keep in theme & show you some fun & lovely designs, including some popular flowers…

  I really love a bumbag, I will always champion the bumbag as much as possible!! I have added a few of the ideas suggested by you in last weeks newsletter to my bumbag design, below are the results…

Last week you highlighted the love for Cactus, along with many other ideas that I have noted down! Your appliqué ideas included moon & stars, skulls & a snail, thanks again for your help!

09.02.2017 Cottonarts entry no: 40

I have been thinking up lots of new ideas this year & I was wondering if I could ask you for your help, to decide which motifs & styles I focus on next?

I am always growing my range of appliqués… so far we have Animals, Fruits, Flowers & Creepy Crawlies, I have also just recently created a imaginative scene using shapes & colours. It would be great if you could list a few objects, types of flowers or animals for example, that you would love to see in the coming months… This will really help me with my time keeping to ensure I'm focusing on the right things.  


If I were to do more animals, what should they be & why?


If I feature more fruits, which would be the most desirable?


What types of flowers would you like to see more of & on which type of bag?


So far we have Butterly, Lady bird & Bumble Bee…what other insects would you like to see?

I have lots of little flowers that look great on all bag designs may it be a Satchel, Bumbag or Purse. You can pin point a colour combination and I can add these to your bag, they look lovely with buttons too! 

I can also work from photographs…turning your pet or favourite things in to art work on your chosen type of bag.

Just let me know if there’s anything I can do for you, to make you or a loved one something special, Thank you!

02.02.2017 Cottonarts entry No: 39

This week I launched my Fruity collection of Travel Wallets.

I have started this growing collection with 4 must have fruits, I hope they tickle your tastebuds! This collection has been really inspiring, a fresh burst of fun splashed all over my sewing room is keeping things really interesting. We have now entered February with a splash of excitement & I would love to know what you think about these juicy appliqués? 

I find it hard choosing a favourite myself, I am very committed to the
avocado, but I am partial to a pineapple - HELP!!!!!!

Each product is handmade to order, as with all of my designs you can change the colour combinations :) just let me know what you would like! 

I think the red strawberry would look awesome on a white background, the possibilities are endless!

27.01.2017 Cottonarts entry no:38

Showcasing The Baby Bag.

This design is perfect if you’re looking for something handmade. This bag is bespoke to you, the pram & your lifestyle.

The beauty about having a bag tailor made just for you is that not only do you receive all listed specifications in this article, but also aspects can be changed to suit you & your needs! 

Fully lined with a fabric of your choice 

I go fabric shopping just for you! Together we can compliment the pram/sling, use your favourite colours, or use a completely contrasting fabric - you decide! 

The inside has many compartments to organise all those baby things - from nappies to bottles & blankets!

The top zip section completely opens out! I take feedback from what people say when shopping for pram bags, many say they find changing bags would have a smaller opening at the top and wider toward the bottom. The top of this bag does not taper smaller towards the top, meaning you have much more room! 

I’ve also added flaps at either side to tuck under when zipped up - this helps to stop dirt sneaking in to the bag when you’re out and about.

The very large zip pocket on the front is also lined with fabric. A great way to keep  your personal belongings separate.

You have two short handles for practical handling & a long adjustable strap to wear over your shoulder & place over the pram. I use black webbing as standard, this helps prevent slipping on the pram handle & it is a very durable material. You can also choose to have leather.

This bag is available in any colour(s) leathers. Please ask me for availability, if I don't have enough of the colour you want I can source more - or find an alternative.

There is also ways to personalise your baby bag - including appliqué!

20.01.2017 Cottonarts entry no:37

The Leather Travel Wallet!

I made my first travel wallet a few years ago now & from then on it has become a crucial, much loved part of the Cottonarts family.

This wallet is the perfect travel companion, keeping all your holiday documents organised & safe. There is a large section for your boarding passes & files, a pocket for your passport, two card slots, a zipped pocket for money & a clear plastic window for a family photograph or ID - finished off with a full zip!

The most common question I get asked is, what two colours can I have?, the answer is any! You can choose any two colours & I add a lucky dip of buttoning to compliment.  Call 07594685848 to order bespoke!

Why not go crazy and choose an animal or insect appliqué! 

You can choose your own colours.

12.01.2017 Cottonarts entry no:36

With this being my 36th newsletter, it would be rude not to talk about our Boutique, Junction 36!

I always feel extremely proud of this little shop on the allots corner cross roads of Hoyland Common, Barnsley. I wanted to take a few moments to explain a little more about this local emporium and what we offer, things that are unique to no other boutique! We are predominately handmade, catering for women and children. Our Womenswear caters for sizes 8 - 22. There’s lots of choice from casual wear to statements pieces, with other sizes and styles available to order. The Children’s clothing has a good selection of designs starting from newborn up to 5-6 years, with older ages available to order. We also have a very unique jewellery designer, this really helps finish off those outfits! Lastly, alongside all this wonderful uniqueness we have an in house bag designer, yes you guessed it, yours truly…  

I design, sew and drink tea right here at Junction 36 Boutique! Not only do we try our best to help you when you’re in store but we also offer a bespoke service on our clothing & bags meaning something can be handmade just for you! You can also chat to us online on our Facebook page - Junction 36 boutique. 

04.01.2017 Cottonarts entry no:35

With every new year, comes a new way of thinking.

I always find January can be a bit of strange one, there’s so much pressure that we put on ourselves to make this year the year (every year) when in actual fact we just need to keep up because it’s happening anyway & you have to be in it to win it! Take inspiration from everything around you and I for one will be taking the pressure off, I aim to look at the things I am passionate about in life such as Art & Photography. From this I will hopefully get some new design ideas, taking my time to get things right but most importantly enjoy what I am doing! It’s an exciting time really, if you think about it.