07.04.2017 Cottonarts entry No:47

With excited eyes I see colour, spilling in to our lives & in turn, every corner of Junction 36 Boutique.

With sunshine comes confidence, and with confidence comes colour. Our rails and shelving at the boutique are bursting with gorgeous colourful shades of orange & green, there are also bold patterns such as stripes & florals.

The floral delights include this buzzin’ bumble bee T-shirt that effortlessly complements the yellow Bowlicious clutch bag!

Junction 36 Boutique No:1 Hoyland Road.  S740LX

31.03.2017 Cottonarts entry No:36

It’s Friday and also the last day of March. With this weekend will come a new month…

A spring month full of fresh ideas, creativity & beautiful colours. April is a wonderful month, the season changes and so does our wardrobe, our layers get lighter & our colours become brighter. 

Don’t be a fool this April,check out all my new leather colours such as pastel pink, powder blue, vibrant purple, tango orange & many more, before they run out!!! Click www.cottonarts.co.uk or visit Junction 36 Boutique in Hoyland Common to see what is available. You can also message me.

23.03.2017 Cottonarts entry No:45

This is the first week of the year where most of the country are out gift buying.

In February we had Valentines Day, and that isn’t for everyone. But this Sunday, we have Mother’s Day. We all have that special someone, a role model, someone to look up to and to celebrate having in our lives. This week more so than most I find people being extra thoughtful and prepared with the gifts they give to the women that they love …

If you would like any help with gift ideas and what is ready available at Junction 36 Boutique, please get in touch!